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A range of services to meet your pets needs

We look forward to welcoming your pet to the Colliemoddles Pet Hotel.

Please note that for insurance purposes we will need a copy of your pets kennel cough certificate.

Hours for pick up and drop off:8am is the earliest and 8pm is the latest as we lock the gates. We appreciate people staying within these hours as cars coming up the drive too early or too late can upset the animals that have settled down.

There are reduced rates for long stays of a week+ and for more than 1 dog.

Overnight Stay – 12 euro in kennels and 15 euro for in house boarding

Your pet will have it’s own warm and dry accommodation in a heated building only a few metres from the house , while being monitored by a ‘babycam’  in case of any first night nerves.

Please provide your pets dog food that they usually eat, as changing food suddenly can cause upset tummy.

Hours for pick up and drop off: – 8am is the earliest and 8pm is the latest as we lock the gates to allow the ponies to roam free.

Doggy Day Care – 10 euro for up to 10 hours

We have limited places for doggy day care.

If you’re just going away for the day, bring your dog here to hang out, go for walks and play.

House visits can be arranged to check in on, feed and exercise your dog, if you have to be away.

Hours for pick up and drop off: – 8am is the earliest and 8pm is the latest as we lock the gates.

Daily Exercise & Feeding

Your pet will be exercised twice a day and fed in the morning and evening.

Keep in touch

This is an extra special service we provide if you’re missing your pet.

We fully appreciate how one can worry and miss their constant companion and are happy to keep you in the know with daily updates and pictures of how they are settling in.

Staying in a hotel, B&B or Barge in the area?

You may be visiting the Leitrim area and don’t want to leave your beloved pet at home.

Just let us know when you are checking in to your Hotel / B&B. We can arrange to pick up your dog, (or come here to see for yourself ) you can go out on the town for the night and next day we can drop your dog back to you for a day out and about discovering the beautiful Leitrim countryside.

We are walking distance from the Shannon Erne Waterway. Any of you boat people who might be docking in the area could avail of this service if you want to go out for the night and are concerned about leaving a dog to get bored on a hired boat. He can come here for the night and next morning, we can walk over to you. (The canal walkway is traffic free, so ideal for dogs to stretch the legs in safety!)

Having a wedding and want your pet in the key pictures but not at the event?

We can pick up your pet, stay while they’re in the wedding pictures and then take them to Colliemoddles Pet Hotel for the day or an overnight stay.You get to have your beloved pet in the pics and then know it’s having a fun and safe time with Maggie.


Does your pet have some vet procedures coming up and you have to be at work?

If your dog has to have a vet procedure you may not be able to be with them as they recover and that can be a worry.

Maggie can bring your pet to surgery, collect and keep an eye on till your off work.

House Calls

If you live in the area and feel that your dog would be happier at home while you are on holidays, house visits can be arranged for everyday to feed and exercise your dog or feed your cat

Polytunnel care

We understand that it’s not just the animals that need taking care of while you’re away. We will water your polytunnel/plants daily and generally be a presence around a vacant house.

People find this a great comfort while they’re away.

To book your beloved pet into Colliemoddles Pet Hotel please click here

And here’s a beloved member of the Colliemoddles Pet Hotel Pack – Elvis.


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